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Alarming drop in magnetic field.

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    Credit: Wattsupwiththat.com

    http://wattsupwiththat.com/2008/12/16/earths-magnetic-field-has-massive-breach-scientists-baffled/" [Broken]

    It seems the magnetic field is weakening, perhaps getting ready for a polar switch, my hypothesis is that the weakening magnetic field is allowing excessive levels of ultraviolet light from the sun to come into Earth, which - being of a higher energy level, is causing a heating pattern on Earth ala global warming. I'm wondering if there are any peer-reviewed studies exploring the possibility that the weakening magnetic field is causing rises in Earth's temperatures?

    My reasoning is that since the northern zones of the Earth are warming at an accelerated rate compared to the southern regions of the Earth, this has a correlation with the fact that magnetic north is moving and the magnetic south is beginning to strengthen ala allow for more ultraviolet shielding, and a crackdown in defenses in the arctic magnetic north effect.

    Always a possibility? I mean studies get funded for less, I think a study should be funded to pursue this avenue - it could quite possibly put an end to a lot of fears of anthropogenic global warming.
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    Ouch. dang. I'm just a little short of cash at the moment.
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    To the best of my knowledge, UV (and the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum) is not deflected or directly affected by earth's magnetic field. There will not be any change in insolation as a direct consequence of a weakening magnetic field.

    Out of curiosity, why do you single out UV? Why not the rest of the spectrum?
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    This is an over-speculative post, we don't allow theory development in these forums. You are allowed to rephrase your post so that it conforms to the forum guidelines.
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