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All TechTV staff FIRED!

  1. May 20, 2004 #1


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    I was curious to hear everyones views of G-Day on the 28th?

    "You’ll find everything you need to know about our upcoming alliance right here on g4techtv.com."

    Also, they are setting up shop in California and recently FIRED ALL TECHTV staff giving them 60 days to clean out their desks!

    Why purchase the network if you are just going to fire the whole staff - This merger really hit home for me since I am such a big fan of TechTV as so many ppl are.

    Lets hear some views.

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    Yeah it's very sad, but they also said they will be rehiring 80 back. Some of the shows will stay or get transfered to another network.
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    TechTV stuck around for a good 6 years. Leo and Kaku really made for some great Screensavers episodes. Not to mention Big Thinkers & Titans of Tech which I also enjoyed because they portrayed individuals (leaders) in a variety of fields. This past year however, I started to see some programming slide downhill (I wont mention UnScrewed or the Robot Wars at this point).

    I am however curious to see what the merger will do to the programming. They are keeping ScreenSavers around and CallforHelp is getting shopped around to different networks at the moment. I just don't see justification in firing the whole staff - maybe the "Your Fired" trend hit a tipping point. But I suppose that business is business isn't it. The new programming is geared towards our generation in most respects -- I just don't want this to be the last of it!


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    The reason they fired everyone is to write new contracts. This is standard business practice.

    It is a shame they had to dumb down techtv to the point of collapse. I really enjoyed watching Leo when he wasn't being forced to act stupid and try to fit into the hip crowd. O well, and at least G4 will be keeping all the good content like Thunderbirds, Robot Wars, Nerd Nation, Invent This, etc, etc. I just can't have enough 80-90's BBC reruns. I've never watched G4 since it was never availiable in my area but i've heard pretty bad things about it.
  6. May 21, 2004 #5
    ive watched a few of the G4 shows and i hate them all....

    one of there game rating shows (yes i said one of them - they seem to have about 4 or so...) the guy gave an awesome game a low rating because it was "too hard" and counted off on metal gear solid for it having the little secrets in it such as the mario dolls and such which btw have been a common appearance in all the metal gear solid games...
  7. May 21, 2004 #6
    I will miss Leo being fired, because it was probably him that made me want to watch techtv. I couldn't stand any of the gamer shows like X-Play with annoying commentators, they are all just boring. There is no way you can make a show on video games fun, it's impossible.

    Leo was great. And if it werent for him I never would have heard of Michio Kaku, who I thought was great when he was on techtv with Leo. Leo was a great inspiration, but g4 doesnt give a damn. They just want the hip (can you even call these nerds hip) 11-year-old video gamer croud.

    Well, it doesnt look like Call for Help will ever come back on, but you can at least sign petitions and e-mail these *vulgure word here*.

  8. May 23, 2004 #7


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    They didn't fire everyone. All the staff for the TechTV shows carrying over to the new network will stay on their respected shows. For example, Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler will still host X-Play. Also, Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose will continue to host The Screen Savers.

    Here are the shows from TechTV that will be on the new G4TechTV network:
    Anime Unleashed
    Body Hits
    Eye Drops
    Fresh Gear
    Future Fighting Machines
    Invent This
    Nerd Nation
    Robot Wars
    The Screen Savers

    The hosts and crew of each show I mentioned above will stay on with the new network. The only people who were fired from TechTV were those members of the shows that are dying along with TechTV (Call For Help, Conspiracies, etc.).

    Sorry if I repeated myself, I'm still hung-over after a long night.
  9. May 24, 2004 #8


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    These were the worst possible programming that G4 has agreed to keep. They got rid of the KEY programming which made TechTV great! Such would include BigThinkers and Titans of Tech. What could you possibly learn from watching Thunderbirds or Robot Wars. Not to mention that the inventions that they feature on Invent This are just plain well -- wheel in the shoe, doggie backpacks -- Come on.. They don't even feature anything that is going to innovate our lives in the 21st century. These are average inventors with average inventions. Why not feature some shows that have quality content - such of which they have got rid of.

    But I guess G4 is more Thunderbirds and Robot Wars friendly.. so be it. Oh, and not to mention UnScrewed <--- Sad.

  10. Jun 27, 2004 #9
    Ever since the merger. There have been way too many games, game reviews and game related programs. Now I'm angry!!
  11. Aug 3, 2004 #10
    wow techtv is like all gaming **** now...X-play was all i needed...nad wanted, but i have yet to see any G4 show thats any good...and robot wars sint good, but thunderbirds is a good show for entertainment, its what t.v. is for (-_-0)

    and unscrewed is useless in every essance...otherwise yeh its bad
  12. Aug 3, 2004 #11
    TechTV is now all fish as far as I see. Robot Wars, I think is the only thing worth watching. :( There is a lot more to “tech” than gaming and cheats!

    Stupid kids and their games! Grow Up I say!
  13. Aug 7, 2004 #12
    I used to watch TechTV devotely. I hope they didn't get rid of Morgan -- I hope they didn't?!? I'd be devastated if they did, even though I don't watch the merged channel. They had so many choice personalities... and whatever happened to Chris Pirillo anyway? I know they wanted to downplay any drama there but it seems like there was tension and some awfully big question marks.

    Well, to be fair, gaming is a BIG part of the entertainment industry. It's really profitable and there is a huge demand for it. It's not all fun and games, so to speak, either -- there is work that goes into it and work that comes out. And even educational value in some cases.

    But I have to admit, I looked at the G4TechTV lineup and it looks to me like SO MANY of the shows are hugely overlapping or something. Like a lot of redundancy and derivatives... disappointing, to say the least!

    I'm reading on...

    LEO WAS FIRED?!? Gah, that sickens and angers me. That's like cutting the head off of the Statue of Liberty and mangling the hands. :(
  14. Sep 24, 2004 #13
    I was a huge tech tv fan...

    I don't know much about g4... i have started to watch it sometimes and it just pisses me off. WHY THE F.uc do you have to mess with quality programing.
    They try too hard from what I have seen, and everything is fake
    it seems like they hired a bunch of actors off the street to talk about stuff they have no clue about.
  15. Sep 25, 2004 #14
    to begin with i absolutely hate the g4 - techtv merger. i believe that techtv was much better without a bunch of shows about gaming, i don't think that the two belong together and i wish they weren't. techtv had so many great shows but now its just a bunch of gamer shows (well i am not too sure about that cuz hurricane ivan hit my country and i haven't watched cable since sept 7). Anyway g4 sucks.
  16. Sep 26, 2004 #15


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    I remember from the early days even before it was TechTV, ZDTV. Ever since Kate Botello left Screen Savers, TechTV, well ZDTV, the quality of the programming really dropped.
  17. Sep 26, 2004 #16
    Leo was great! He combined just the right amount of humour and facts to make his shows interesting. I used to watch it in Malaysia coz we dont get it here in India. I was even going to write to TechTV to launch their channel here
  18. Sep 27, 2004 #17
    Is there any chance to saving the old tech tv
  19. Sep 27, 2004 #18
    I don't know if fired is the right term. I heard they just didn't renew his contract. The thing now is he's with TechTV Canada which, by the way, has Call For Help 2.0. Why can't they do the same stuff here that they're doing in Canada?
  20. Sep 30, 2004 #19
    leo was really good too. the only time i hated what he said on tv was when he said that it was impossible to do the windows to linux switch-over thing on different monitors (to me it seemed like he doubted technology). but he was a good host too (even the call for help program was great).
  21. Sep 30, 2004 #20
    Oh, yeah. Leo was the main person that helped get me into computers in the first place.
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