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B All the Universe belong to Quantum Mechanics?

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    If we ever fully understood quantum science and all there is to know about it, could one say we then fully understand the universe? Or, would we never know at which point we know all there is to know? Would you be comfortable in the belief or proof nothing more could be discovered--about anything? Should we expect to discover yet another layer of something, deeper than the quanta? To some people, it would be pretty cool if humans could understand their existence, or lack of it.

    Pardon me if this question is does not belong. It's my first. Thanks all.
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    Two things;

    1. Analogy - Just because you know all the notes on a guitar and how a guitar works does not mean you know every possible melody.

    2. Its not possible to know if you know everything.
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    Whatever the theory of "Everything" is, it should postulate the existence of some basic objects and postulate some physical laws. The nature of these objects, the reason of their existence (rather than non-existence) and the reason why the postulated laws are true and why they are this particular way or exist at all will be beyond the theory, i.e. basically undefined and unknown. In this sense we will never understand the Universe completely (unless we find some resolution of this basic problem of any physical theory conceivable today).
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