Alternative software to geant4?

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Geant4 not working as the expected :/
I need to simulate a gaseous detector involving UV Lamp's. I have tried using Geant4.

Now i think this says by itself, two geant4's weak point: Gaseous medium, it is relatively bad at simulate in it, and low energy gamma gun, near 30 eV, which is too low for Geant4's physicslists. Garfield was one option to simulate the gaseous detector, but the simulation takes too much time.

Do you know some software similar to geant4? Preferably using or c++, or c# or python language. But if it is another language, no problem.

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I couldn't find any obvious alternatives to Geant4 but I did find some bindings that make it easier to use which likely won't help here but decided to post them in case it would.

and here's an alternatives list but not sure if they are really alternatives or not as they may have some functionality but not everything in Geant4

I'm surprised that there are no Julia implementations of or bindings for Geant4. Julia is an open source Matlab like numerical computing language that is rapidly taking the scientific world by storm.

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