What is geant4: Definition and 14 Discussions

Geant4 (for GEometry ANd Tracking) is a platform for "the simulation of the passage of particles through matter" using Monte Carlo methods. It is the successor of the GEANT series of software toolkits developed by The Geant4 Collaboration, and the first to use object oriented programming (in C++). Its development, maintenance and user support are taken care by the international Geant4 Collaboration. Application areas include high energy physics and nuclear experiments, medical, accelerator and space physics studies. The software is used by a number of research projects around the world.
The Geant4 software and source code is freely available from the project web site; until version 8.1 (released June 28, 2006), no specific software license for its use existed; Geant4 is now provided under the Geant4 Software License.

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  1. emilmammadzada

    Error running example ICRP145_HumanPhantoms in Geant4

    Dear experts , when I run the ICRP145_Human Phantoms example following the instructions in the user manual, I get this error response [ VirtualBox:~/Geant4/share/Geant4/examples/advanced/ICRP145_HumanPhantoms/build$./ICRP145phantoms ./Internal -i 9500 -m example.in -o example.out Usage...
  2. emilmammadzada

    Product Cross Section For Zn66 in Geant4

    Dear experts, I want to calculate the cross section (Product Crosssection) of the Ga66 element produced by sending deuteron to the Zn 66 element, which is my target in Geant 4.Is there a Geant4 sample file where I can do this calculation, so in which sample file can I calculate it? Do I need to...
  3. emilmammadzada

    Particles produced and energies in the target Geant4

    Dear experts.Which example file in Geant4 can I use to find the particles and energies produced in the target?
  4. emilmammadzada

    Depth dose calculation in Geant4

    I want to calculate depth dose in Geant4. I will use the TestEm11 example for this. How can I convert the output values to Gy?
  5. M

    A Exploring Secondary Particle Generation from X-Ray Collisions in Geant4

    Hello, I need some articles and pictures about secondary particle generation when x-ray(with different energy) collides with silicon and aluminium materials. I am simulating this phenomenon in geant4. I just want to validate my result.
  6. LCSphysicist

    Alternative software to geant4?

    I need to simulate a gaseous detector involving UV Lamp's. I have tried using Geant4. Now i think this says by itself, two geant4's weak point: Gaseous medium, it is relatively bad at simulate in it, and low energy gamma gun, near 30 eV, which is too low for Geant4's physicslists. Garfield was...
  7. parazit

    Geant4 Beginner -- looking for advice

    Hi all. I'm a fresh starter on Geant4 and looking for anybody who is also familiar with it. Does anybody have experience with Geant4 ?
  8. J

    General Particle Source in GEANT4

    I have created a macro file that should produce a Gaussian (Normal) distribution of gamma particles ranging in energy from 0 to 250 keV as follows: /control/verbose 0 /run/verbose 0 /tracking/verbose 0 /gps/particle gamma /gps/ene/type Gauss /gps/ene/min 0 keV /gps/ene/max 250 keV /run/beamOn...
  9. W

    Geant4 vs Pythia: What's the Difference?

    What is the difference between Geant4 and Pythia?
  10. Y

    Geant4 Installation and Compilation Issue Troubleshooting Guide

    Hi, I have installed Geant4.8.3 and i was prompted that i have installed it successfully i installed according to the instructions here (http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/tutorial/installation/Geant4.8.3/Linux/Geant4_8_3_Linux_Installation.htm ) i am trying to check my installation by...
  11. T

    Comparing Results of MCNP vs Geant4 for Shielding Design

    I'm curious if anyone has any opinions in the results from MCNP vs Geant4 for shielding design. I like that Geant4 uses a more modern syntax, but iv'e also heard that MCNP gives better results.
  12. A

    Need help on getting started on Geant4

    Hi, I am new on using the program Geant4. I got it installed into my window xp computer from the instruction from http://geant4.slac.stanford.edu/installation/ I am currently looking for some tutorials on how to use the program. I found some helps from http://geant4.in2p3.fr/2007/prog/prog.htm...
  13. S

    Exploring Hadronic Jets with GEANT4 Simulations

    hi, I am a PhD student and I'm looking for a course or resources on the hadronic jets and the models used to deal with them in the code simulation GEANT4. (Example: Bertini model, cascade ...) I will be very greatfull if you can help me. Thank you in advance Sameh
  14. E

    How do I find the Ion potential in a chamber using Geant4?

    Anyone knows abt Geant4?