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Alternative to a PC and Laptop for notetaking/websurfing?

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    Hi, When I’m studying for long hours and taking notes on my 24” IPS-panel, power-consuming PC-screen I often feel like my eyes dry out fast and sometimes my body feels ill. This happens much faster than if I read my chemistry/science books without my computer turned on. However I need something for taking notes digitally.

    What Am I looking for?
    A smaller all-in-one-screen like an ipad (or a bit bigger) which is handy, and can be used only for searching words and explanations online and taking notes in a program like Office words. So I want it to start up fast if I need to look up words, and then I want to be able to turn it off after I looked up the word so I can continue reading my book. A good attachable keyboard and mouse would is also required for the machine.

    Can someone help me find this?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Some sort of tablet ... I've seen people make great portable use of galaxy note.
    I've used an Asus Transformer so I can type longer missives without the keyboard hogging the screen.
    Some tablets can be loaded with a gruntier, more full-featured OS than Android too.

    You'll struggle to find just the right balance of functionality and UI - go to a store and try stuff out.
    I'd just say: avoid Apple.

    note: there are ways to adjust your desktop or laptop screen for easier reading and use so it doesn't tire out your eyes so much.
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    I'd have to second the Galaxy Note series.

    I have both a 1st and 2nd gen iPad along with a Note 3. A good friend has a Note 10.1 and lets me play with it from time to time. Awesome product. I use the S Pen on my Note 3 quite a bit.

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    christian0710 First there is a problem if your screen is making you ill ! Most likely your screen is too bright causing your eyes to squint. You need to adjust the brightness according to the light around you, a bright screen in a low lit area is bad for your eyes.

    2nd. I came across this today that might interest you.
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