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Alternatives to Amtech ProDesign

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    Hopefully this is the correct forum. As i've gone from cad technician to electrical designer I've become accustomed to using the specialist software that has been available in the office, which for LV cable calcs is amtech prodesign.

    I haven't really been using amtech to it's full capacity - i do the cable calcs on it but i would have separate excel spreadsheets for cable schedules, load schedules, etc. This is ok when working on small projects as you have time to keep everything up-to-date but on bigger projects where time is an issue i want to start using it (or some other software) to produce everything and keep all the information in one place, so that if new information becomes available (lets say an estimated load becomes a known load) all of my documents will automatically update.

    Before I go down this road I was wondering what alternative software is on the market and what other people use? Amtech produces all of the documents i'm looking for for LV but it's user interface isn't the best and it does have some limitations.

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    Try the ElectricalOM Software from here: www.electricalom.com . I believe its a good alternative...
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