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Aluminum foil hats

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I had better not say the company name, but a high profile company had an employee who was exposed to toxic fumes for years. As a result, at least according to popular opinion, his brain was so damaged by the fumes that he ended up wearing aluminum foil under his hat to keep the aliens living in the center of the earth from reading his mind.

    He did critical testing on critical parts that directly affect public safety!

    For me this was old news. What was interesting was to learn this morning that he managed to parlay his nominal 401K plan into over a million dollars in just a few years by [effectively] day trading his company plan, so he retired.

    Now where is my aluminum foil?!?!?
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    Sulfer dioxide fumes?----or (organically produced) methane?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    petroleum based products
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    .........So......Let me get this straight. You guys....DON'T wear aluminum foil hats regularly?? I apparently seem to have fallen out of the fashion loop....*Puts on foil hat and walks out of thread*
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    Guy's obviously crazy.

    Foil hats can only protect you from aliens in space above you. A foil cone on his head is actually serving as a parabolic focusser for the aliens in the centre of the Earth.
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    That is why you wear lead lined underwear. Not only dose it prevent Superman from taking a peek, but it scatters your thought waves when read from the center of the earth.
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    The greatest article ever:

    http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/ [Broken]
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    there is a picture floating around the net of a guy who is completely dressed in foil sitting next to a car covered in foil. Great picture, wish I had saved it.
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    I know they're not made of tin anymore, but it's a much easier word to say and spell.

    If you leave a large and flat enough area at the top, you can even cut out the shape of an animal.
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    I like aluminum foil, but it hurts my teeth when I chew on it.
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