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Am I safe using individual batteries in a series connection?

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    I am building a system which uses multiple components, each has varying voltage. The large motors use a voltage of 14-16 Volts, thus there are several batteries wired in series, providing this voltage.

    Now, there are other components such as microcontrollers, multiple sensors and smaller servos which use a lower voltage of 7 Volts. Say I have two batteries, could I use each one individually, while also having them connected in series configuration?

    I am aware they may be discharged unequally. But other than that I don't see a problem. This picture is a concept.


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    Sure it will work but you observation about unequal discharge is correct and will be a problem regarding monitoring of battery condition.
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    Yes it will work within the limits you pointed out. The more optimal solution is a buck converter to efficiently produce a lower voltage from the higher voltage. Also, circuit 1, 2 and the motor do not share a common ground, which can be problematic.
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    buck-converters seem like a pretty good option, I'll take a look at them. Thanks
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