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Amperage ratings on DC power supplies

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    I'm hoping that by asking this question I can save myself a couple of bucks. I have a DC power supply for a router that is rated for 1.0 A. My router stopped working, and I traced the problem to the power supply. It's a 12 V supply putting out 0.1 V. I have other 12 V supplies, but the closet I can get on the amperage is 1.25 A. My thinking is that the router probably won't draw more than 1.0 A anyway, so a 1.25 A power supply would still be OK. Is this safe? Is there anything else that I'm not considering (what ifs?) What I don't want to do is fry the router and have to spend $70 instead of ~$10 for a new power supply.


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    What is your router specs? If it draws 1 amp then that is probably why the power supply got fried. With a 1.25 amp rateing, you're good to go. With the extra rateing, the supply will run cooler.
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    It was the power supply that came with the router, and the router has 12V, 1.0A printed on it, too.

    Thanks for the help, I'll give it a shot!

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    did you measure the supply unconnected to the router?
    If not your router may have some problem, this seems like a loading issue.
    So another supply wont help.
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