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An evening(s) with Paul Dirac

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    Hello gang, I wanted to get these lectures to you earlier but I was "temporarily indisposed," or should I say, "temporarily disposed" from the site. I guess there's only room for one bad boy in the physics community...


    In any case, before there was the bad boy, before their was Binney, before their was Shankar, their was the original "theoretical minimum" by the man who invented it himself, my namesake Paul Dirac. These lectures were shot in New Zealand in 1975 and the "lost tapes" were recently found by some guy in his garage just a couple months ago after he thought he had lost them 30 years earlier!


    The quality is pretty bad but I have yet to find any live footage of Dirac where he talks much less gives 4 hour long lectures on the history of quantum mechanics and his part in it. Great rare vintage stuff. Enjoy.
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    Nice find!

    The original "theoretical minimum" was written by Landau though.
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