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Analytic calculations for piezoelectric materials

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    Lets assume that all properties of a piece of piezoelectrical material are known, how should the analytical calculations be performed if the goal is to convert a vibration into electrical energy? What I'm looking for is the theoretical output voltage one can achieve for a known vibration.

    To simplify, lets say that the magnitude of the vibrations are known (i.e. how much the vibrations displces the PZT from its equilibrium).

    Any tips on links or articles are more than welcome!
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    Here's a nice case study on piezoelectric material for power generation using bicycle vibration. This article provides the mathematical modeling that relates piezoelectric displacement with electrical energy.
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    StrykerTECH, where is the study you spoke about? I did not find it.
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    Oh thanks, I forgot to hit the attach button.

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