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Analytical Calculation/Optimization of Ironless Motor Structure

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    I'm interested in calculating (followed by optimizing) the uniformity of a magnetic field generated by an array of neodymium magnets.

    Let us assume we have an array of neodymium bar magnets,

    -each with a constant depth (10mm) and height (2300mm).

    -Multiple segments (with alternating poles) may satisfy the total depth requirement (10mm).

    -The width of the magnets is allowed to vary, however the spacing between them must remain constant with respect to height.

    -The spacing between the magnets must not exceed a finite width (4.25mm) and should be maximized.

    -The distance between the centers of adjacent gaps also must not exceed a finite width (4.25mm).

    -The bar magnets are arranged to be parallel to one another.

    -The total array must span a width between 3400mm and 3800mm.

    I am interested in maximizing the uniformity of the magnetic field within the gaps between the magnets.

    It appears an exact solution is available for ironless motor structures (utilizing the Coulombian model?), however I have been unable to apply the approach towards my specific geometry.


    Any thoughts?
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