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Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain wins prestigious film award

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    Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" wins prestigious film award

    Ang Lee, director of films like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Sense and Sensibility" won the Golden Lion award at Venice film festival.

    "Brokeback Mountain" features Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, and tells a story of two cowboys who, amongst other things, discover and struggle with the fact they fall in love with each other.

    From what I've seen of the trailer, this looks to be a great film.
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    www.365[/URL][SIZE=5][COLOR=RoyalBlue][U]gay[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE].com!!!:tongue2: :wink: :biggrin:
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    so after arildno finally comes out with the fact he's gay, he starts flaunting it off? lol. :tongue:

    (not to be taken offensively..)
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    Sounds like it would be a good film, Lee does great work. Where did you see the trailer? I couldn't find one on that page.
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    I found it elsewhere; I'll see if I can dig it up..

    Aah, here it is:
    http://www.themoviebox.net/movies/2005/0-9ABC/Brokeback-Mountain/trailer.php [Broken]

    I haven't yet decided who the cutest one is; I tend to favor Jake Gyllenhaal at the moment..
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    yep looks like a slow, soft, wonderful movie.
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    That was great! I did half to smile @ fishing buddies. Of course this being set in the 60's, you wouldn't of dared to to make it other then a secret.
    Thanks for finding the trailor.
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    I saw the preview a couple times.

    First I see them up in the wilderness. There is a rifle. Then they are on horses or something and I see a bear etc. They have cowboy hats on.

    So I'm thinking "SWEET!". Maybe its a coming of age movie. Two young friends out in the wilderness vs the elements. A "Stand By Me" for young men.

    Perhaps its along the lines of The Edge (Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin) where the grizzly bear hunts them and they have to kill it.

    Or maybe they stumble upon a wolf pack and kill them with their bare hands.

    Or....they rappel down a mountain to get back to civilization and, in doing so, someone mames their leg so they have to saw it off (with their teeth, no less!) in order to get back.

    You know--something typical we've come to expect from films of man vs wilderness.

    So thats what I'm thinking (all in the span of about 5 seconds). And then it happens. I see one guy put his arm around the other.

    So they're brothers. Oh that explains it. Wait...no...what are you doing! Thats too brotherly! STOP!

    I'm kind of sensing that people [authors/screenplay writers] grab at the most unlikely and obscure plot to make something more unique and sellable.

    I realize that gay people come from all walks of life. I'm not expecting homosexual love stories to be about two femininesque city-goers who are up to touch on fashion, emotion and the likes.... but this one (from the previews) felt like they tried a little too damn hard to be unique. It was like the writer exploited homosexuality. But, perhaps gay people don't mind. Who knows, maybe they appreciate more gay themes in film? I'm not to say.

    (Do you think I'm being overly cynical of it ?)
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    I think you should read a bit of freud's work. You'll like the symbology.
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    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?
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    Aside from the fact that it wasn't that uncommon, nor improbable; from what I know, you had in the 19th century a social group called something like "Lavender League" which consisted of gay cowboys from California.

    And, to ask you something else:
    how probable is it that a hot-shot, world-famous photographer involves himself sexually with a prim farmer's wife in the middle of nowhere??

    Yet, I've never heard straights moan about the improbability or "artificiality" of the love story occurring between Clint Eastwood's and Meryl Streeps' characters in "The Bridges of Madison County"

    Did the director exploit the sexuality of farmers' wives here? :confused:
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    Maybe a little. It's breaking stereotypes of homosexuals, cowboys, and cowboy movies. About time I say.
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