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Ansoft Maxwell -- shaping an interior electric motor rotor

  1. Feb 13, 2015 #1
    For shaping an interior PMSM rotor from top figure to as in bottom fig, I made an equation based curve, united with another curve , made a surface using coverline and united that shape with my rotor.
    When validated it showed band and rotor intersecting and I adjusted the band - DiaGap. Then there was problem with inner and outer surfaces. I adjusted them too. When I validated, got a warning message, "Eddy effect settings may need revisiting due to the recent changes in the design. The default value will be used for the object if the value is not specified". When analyzed, got an error "[warning] G3dMesher Warning - Found 3d objects in Maxwell2D. Model extents are lower left [-1.136000e+002 -4.085621e-014 -4.000000e-003] upper right [1.136000e+002 1.136000e+002 4.000000e-003]
    [error] Unexpected error encountered in the meshing process.
    [error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine."
    How can I solve this or is there any another method to shape the rotor.

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    I have seen this lately, However, i would like to add that G3d mesher problems arise due to intersection of 2 objects. i have found such errors mostly in 3D Modeling.
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