What is Ansoft: Definition and 40 Discussions

Ansys, Inc. is an American company based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It develops and markets multiphysics engineering simulation software for product design, testing and operation and offers its products and services to customers worldwide.
Ansys was founded in 1970 by John Swanson. Swanson sold his interest in the company to venture capitalists in 1993. Ansys went public on NASDAQ in 1996. In the 2000s, Ansys acquired numerous other engineering design companies, obtaining additional technology for fluid dynamics, electronics design, and other physics analysis. Ansys became a component of the NASDAQ-100 index on December 23, 2019.

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  1. D

    Ansoft Maxwell Problem in Assigning Excitation of Current

    As the picture showed, when I assigned a current excitation on the coil plane( pink one in image), Ansoft Maxwell alert ”current1 can not assigned on the entity of type face". This is incredible as I take the process completely based on the book!
  2. Y

    ANSOFT Maxwell getting the radial component of the B-Vector

    Hi Guys, I am modelling a simple Magnetic field in ANSOFT Maxwell 15.0. My geometry is a linear array of ring magnets (NdFe30) and spacers (iron) (OD-25mm, ID-13mm). they are arranged in a co-axial fashion and in alternating order (spacer-magnet-spacer-magnet-spacer ect.) and the magnets are...
  3. R

    Maxwell Ansoft and Circuit Editor

    Hi Guys, I'm simulating a SRM in Maxwell 2D transient solution and my wingdings are external but a group of them are not able to show in the maxwell circuit editor. I've got this error: Cannot find the matching inductor in the imported file. Can someone help me with this?
  4. G

    Ansoft Maxwell: Rectangular Wave Circuit

    Hello, is there a way to directly use a rectangular wave as input current without using an external circuit in ansoft maxwell? The instructions from ansoft that model a toyota motor just put the sine wave function directly into the winding's current settings, can I put a rectangular wave instead...
  5. G

    Ansoft Maxwell virtual vs Lorentz force

    Hello people, I am trying to model a motor in maxwell that has an array of magnets in it , the thing is that I get the non zero forces for the magnets even when there are no excitations if I choose virtual forces , I am selecting the whole array of magnets so the computation should be for the...
  6. Omokhafe

    Geometry of IPM/double winding layer with Ansoft Rmprt

    Please I need help on how to creat double layer 36 slot IPM Motor using Ansoft/Rmprt software.
  7. A

    Troubleshooting Fault Current Limiter Simulation in Ansoft Maxwell 14

    Hi, I'm trying to simulate a fault current limiter at ansoft maxwell 14 and i have a problem when i put the stranded option on winding, the current that appears is always positive, with the axis above zero. Anyone can answer me what's happening and how can i fix this? Some date: Transient...
  8. V

    Ansoft Maxwell - Multi terminal excitation on 3D Transient

    Hello everybody,I am busy with a magnetic transient 3D model and quite new in the use of Maxwell. I am simulating a 6 pulse rectifier in double star connection (connection number 5 as per IEC 146-1-1). Each of the 6 arms of rectifier foresee 8 paralleled diodes. I am interested to see the...
  9. Kolton

    Solving Magnetic Field Problems w/ Ansoft Maxwell 14.0?

    So I'm trying to run some 3D transient simulations based on magnetic field focusing/shielding, but I'm not getting the expected results. Does anyone know if Ansoft Maxwell 14.0 will solve for the magnetic fields created due to the eddy currents? It doesn't appear to.
  10. J

    Ansoft Maxwell - Transient solver

    Hello everybody i am trying to simulate some high air gap transformer. While Magnetostatic solution works fine , transient seems not to. Actually i connect the first winding to a 90KHz voltage source and then in series with a capacitor. The second winding in series with a Capacitor and a...
  11. E

    Torque Analysis for Electromagnetic Retarder on MAXWELL 3D

    Hello everyone! I have a thesis about electromagnetic retarders. I need to do torque analysis for retarder; but I don't know how to do it on Maxwell 3D. I've tried Eddy Current solition; but analysis results didn't comply to electromagnetic retarder's torque charasteristic. Could anyone help me...
  12. D

    Maxwell 2D (ANSOFT): Error analysis

    Dear all, I've done many analysis in Maxwell, but in the last ones I'm paying special attention to the error plots. I've been ploting Energy Error and Time Error, but I've got the feeling that I don't know how to properly interpretate it. Fist of all, to validate one simulation, should I...
  13. D

    Maxwell 2D (ANSOFT): Band problem

    Dear all, I'm a common user of Maxwell v15, though this is the first time I've tried to work with Linear Motion and Force calculation in it. I've got two solids translating in my model, and they get in a electromagnetic field área. I want to calculate the braking force in each object, so I've...
  14. M

    Ansoft maxwell 15, parameters-assign-matrix option disappear

    I am learning to use software to do some simple simulation. It seems that the Maxwell 2D/3D-parameters-assign-matrix option disappears sometimes. Under the menu of Mawell 2D-Parameters-Assign, only Force and Torque can be seen. In what cases the Matrix option is visible? What should I do if I...
  15. M

    Maxwell ansoft region effect to solve

    Hi i have to solve problem in maxwell ansoft in magnetic step . When i create a region (no mesh and no boundray for region) my answered is not real and it is change when i change size a region (i try to solve B in center of coordinate of coil)
  16. P

    Ansoft Maxwell -- shaping an interior electric motor rotor

    For shaping an interior PMSM rotor from top figure to as in bottom fig, I made an equation based curve, united with another curve , made a surface using coverline and united that shape with my rotor. When validated it showed band and rotor intersecting and I adjusted the band - DiaGap. Then...
  17. M

    Help with ANSOFT MAXWELL 3D Magnetic material

    Hi I'm having an issue ANSOFT MAXWELL : Assigning a permanent magnetic material to a body (for ex NDFE35) provides me a means of setting the magnetization direction (through x,y,z unit vectors ) inside the material settings so if i have multiple PM bodies rotated :- 1- do i need to create a...
  18. C

    Ansoft Maxwell guidelines -- Simulate E(r) for charged sphere

    Hello, I have to compare the real solution of the electric field radiated by a sphere, having 10 cm radius, charged with 1e-012 C (perfect conductor), something like E=f(x) where x is distance from the sphere, from 0m (surface of the sphere) to 1m, with numerical solution. I tried Ansoft...
  19. M

    How can I successfully simulate a Transient 3D solver using ANSOFT MAXWELL?

    Hi All, I'm starting using ANSOFT MAXWELL and stuck in simulating a Transient 3D solver i'm simulating a simple permanent magnet setup (attached an image) to examine fields/forces/motion M1 is rotating around Z-Axis while M2 is fixed out of the motion setup I'm seeking some guidance to get...
  20. F

    Ansoft Maxwell 15 Coil simulation

    Hello! I am a student of electrical engineering. I got assigned to a project where I need to simulate a coil in Maxwell 15 and a ball which floats in the magnetic field of the coil. This is for an experiment for demonstrating magnetsim, so my task is to find out what dimensions the coil needs...
  21. S

    Quasi halbach magnet in ansoft maxwell

    hi who can help me to show field magnetic analysis of quasi halbach permanent magnet in ansoft maxwell? thanks
  22. B

    Error by Model import sab. Modeltyp in Ansoft 15.

    I try to import a sab. Modeltyp in Ansoft 15. but i receive an error that translation for the model is failed or saved file is from a later version. how can i fix the problem. Thank you .
  23. P

    How to simulate a coil in Ansoft Maxwell 3d?

    Hello, I want to simulate a coil of a transformer in Maxwell (3D), but my problem is: the coil design is not a closed path. Imagine that you draw a ring and then you cut part of it. You get something like a "letter C". In these two terminals I`m going to put an excitation (100A, for...
  24. J

    Designing microgenerator with Ansoft Maxwell

    I am designing an energy harvester consisting of a magnetic spring. The figure is given in the attachment. I have done the magnetostatic analysis (using Ansoft Maxwell 2D). But, now I am facing problem with - Force vs displacement curve of the moving magnet To calculate the output power...
  25. J

    How to include a capacitor to an Ansoft Maxwell 3D eddy current design

    Hi experts, I wonder anyone of you have an idea on whether we can include a discrete component (specifically a capacitor) into an "Ansoft Maxwell 3D" eddy current design. Little more description: I do have a specific eddy current design with a coils. I need to add a series capacitor and...
  26. S

    How to incorporate core losses in an ANSOFT 2D transformer model

    I am designing a 2D model of a three-phase core-type transformer in ANSOFT MAXWELL 14.0. While doing so I have encountered a strange problem. Start of the problem:- While designing the transformer, I wanted to incorporate core losses. So, I did the following steps:- Excitations -> Set...
  27. S

    Help needed in simulating 3-phase transformer in ANSOFT MAXWELL 2D

    I am designing a 2D model of a three-phase core-type transformer in ANSOFT MAXWELL 14.0. While doing so I have encountered a strange problem. Start of the problem:- While designing the transformer, I wanted to incorporate core losses. So, I did the following steps:- Excitations -> Set...
  28. J

    Ansoft Maxwell 3d Closely coupled inductor

    Hello! I am having an issue with getting any graphs on inductance or induced voltage. In the attached circuit: What I have is a 28Vac source w/ 400hz and 2 coils (R=18.6ohm each) that are connected with a common. In the model: I have a core in the center that will be able to move up...
  29. R

    Ansoft Maxwell, "cannot apply Current Excitation to non planar entity" error

    Hello I am new with Maxwell. I made a motor drawing in solidworks and imported it in maxwell. I found some tutorials, and searched on the internet but could not find answer to my problem. So when i try to assign Excitation Current to an coil i get the message Excitation 'Current1' : Cannot...
  30. L

    What's wrong with my transformer model with Ansoft Maxwell

    Hi, I had modeled a simple transformer with Maxwell 3D (one closed iron and 2 coils), all seems all right except the output voltage, I have only 300 mV and I must have 12V ! I join the files, if someone can help me ? A strange thing is the StrandedLoss which up to 350 kW ! where's come from...
  31. L

    How to measure power in Ansoft Maxwell 3D ?

    Hi, I would like to measure the power give from a source to a transformer and measure the power consume by a RL component. I see only voltmeter and amperemeter in circuit editor, it's not possible de put wattmeter ? Or maybe there's another solution for find the power ? Thanks in advance ;)
  32. L

    How simulate a transformer with Maxwell Ansoft?

    Hi, I would like to simulate a standard transformer (2 coils + 1 closed iron) with Maxwell 3D (V15) but I don't find tutorial or example. Maybe someone can explain how can I do ? I want to see the flux in primary and secondary. And I want to put a tension in primary and see the current in...
  33. J

    Maxwell13 Tutorials for Axial Flux Generator - Ansoft

    Hello, I am new to using Maxwell and I can not find a good tutorial anywhere. I am trying model an axial flux permanent magnet generator, but I have no where to start. Anyone have any suggestions, tips or anything? Thanks
  34. J

    Maxwell13 Tutorials - Ansoft: Get Started with Axial Flux PMG

    Hello, I am new to using Maxwell and I can not find a good tutorial anywhere. I am trying model an axial flux permanent magnet generator, but I have no where to start. Anyone have any suggestions, tips or anything? Thanks
  35. S

    Maxwell Ansoft to Excel: Tips & Tricks

    Hello guys Does anyone use Maxwell Ansoft? If so, have you tried to export it to Excell? if so do u use any MATLAB code to convert it? or use macros in excell? Thanks
  36. K

    How Can I Solve the Ansoft Maxwell 3D Error for Larger Simulation Regions?

    Hi, I'm tring to explore magnetic field of the contact system, but when I set the current on a face, i have the next error: "An external terminal must border the edge of the problem region and coincides with the surface of a 3D object" I solve this problem when I set region overlap with this...
  37. F

    A question about ansoft maxwell 3D 11.1 design

    hi all, i need some help about modeling a coil on maxwell 3D(transient analysys.).my problem is defining coil terminals.i have 6 coils(star connected) and 3 current source(star connected).i attached my work.coils are solenoid style winded.(ring style winding) and each coil has 130 turn.i...
  38. N

    Inductance in Ansoft Maxwell SV

    I need the inductance of a simple ferrite core wire-wound inductor. It's not clear how to get than in 2D Maxwell SV. The core is one material (ferrite), the windings are another (Copper). If you group them, the group must be of a single material, so no good. If you don't group them...
  39. N

    Series Resistance with Ansoft Maxwell SV for coax

    Hello, can anyone assist me in building a geometric model of an RG58 coax cable with Ansoft Maxwell SV using the appropriate solver to solve for the series impedance of the cable per unit lenght. The Ansoft Help files available do not cover this.
  40. G

    Getting Started with Maxwell 3D (ANSOFT)

    Dear all, I'm a new user and I like to exchange information about the use of this tool. From my point of view tool using should be done by suitable tutorial or guide but for this type of software I was unable to find anything useful in that sense. I'm a electronic engineer and like to know...