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Ansys mechanical APDL input file creation

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    hello everybody. i have a quick question.
    i am going to make a shape memory alloy model in ansys workbench 12.0 . as workbench does not have the SMA model, i have to make material properties in mechanical APDL and then make an input file. but i don't know how to define properties and make the input file.
    can anybody do me a favor and help?
    thank you so much.
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    When you say "Workbench does not have the SMA model" do you mean the engineering library doesn't have one built-in, or just just don't know how to define one in WB?
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    actually, i haven't found the SMA model in ansys workbench and nothing was also available on the internet. everybody says that you can do it by defining the properties in Mechanical APDL and creating an input file and then complete your analysis through workbench. but i don't know how to create this input file(.inp)
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