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Ansys Workbench Help (creating load in center of body)

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    I'm just learning how to use Ansys Workbench 13 to analyze static structures. I need to analyze the deformation of a simply supported beam with a concentrated force in the center vertically downward. I have a 3D model of this beam created in Solidworks.

    How do I create a force in the center of the beam?
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    You need to split the solid model into parts such that there will be a vertex (and therefore a mesh node) where you want the force. Then simply select the vertex using your selection filter and apply the force to the point.

    If you want to avoid contact conditions, also consider creating a multi-body part in DesignModeler using the appropriate commands. This will create a solid which is split into sub-solids for the purposes of meshing and force application, but does not require contact conditions for a solution.
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    Thanks for your help!

    I need to avoid surface contact, so the two bodies function as one part and one mesh. Sorry if the follow questions seem mundane, but I'm having a hell of a time finding good Workbench tutorials.

    1. When I open a new project, double-click "structural analysis", what is the proper step to proceed? Since my model is already created in SolidWorks, I am currently performing: right-click on "geometry" -> "import" -> "cantilever beam.SLDPRT". Is this correct?

    2. Do I take my Solidworks part and split it in Solidworks, then import to Workbench and use some sort of multi-body command in "geometry" to combine the two bodies into one part? Or do I import my Solidworks part, then split into two bodies in Workbench?

    3. I'm looking through the "geometry" Workbench commands and I'm not seeing anything related to multi-body... Am I looking or working in the wrong applications?

    I guess, it really comes down to: How exactly do I create a multi-body part in DesignModeler from a part imported form Solidworks?
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    To create a multi-body part in Workbench I think you need to use DesignModeler, which is the ANSYS CAD processing solution. Splitting the body in half could be done either through Solidworks before you import into ANSYS or through DesignModeler after import.

    If you don't have access to DesignModeler, you could also apply the force to a node if you mesh the part such that one node is at the point you want the force. The best way to do this would be to create a named selection at the node you're interested in after meshing, and then applying the force to the named selection.
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