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Antenna as a source of electricity

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    Hi everyone!
    I need your help to design an antenna which produces current. Since i m not an engineer & have no technical knowledge.
    So, here is the principle! Guid me how to design an antenna for radio waves or any other one which will produce a maximum attainable current from these by faraday effect in which current converted to ac current of suitable frequency or current which will provide current to main power or can be stored in a capacitors or battery & then to the main!
    Kindly also give formulas or technical knowledge so that l can alter antenna with different frequencies & alternate current etc.
    Also how many antennas can be prepared & at what distance they can be placed to get maximum advantage?
    I will be please if any one answer!
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    It was recently pointed out to me that harvesting energy from ambient radio waves is illegal because any substantial collection will alter the transmission for those in the shadow of the collector.

    And even at that, I doubt you grasp just what scale of a device would be needed to collect a meaningful amount of power.

    Thread locked.
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    But it isn't locked russ. To the OP: Seriously asking someone to do all the work for you that you describe seems a bit on the ludicrous side don't you think?
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