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Anxiety and Test Performace

  1. Apr 16, 2015 #1
    Hello, has anyone here had anxiety issues when taking tests before and noticed a difference in performance after taking medication? I have pretty bad anxiety before my exams, and find myself making very little mistakes that still show I understand the material. For example, when asked to complete a reaction in my organic chemistry class, I did it successfully but did not draw the carbon that my atom was suppose to substitute in for. I find this in my physics class where I would go for a complex solution to a question and provide the teacher difficulty with following my answers thus losing points. I know the material, I am sure of it as well, but can't help making very poor mistakes when taking exams. Any advice? I have not yet tried medication.
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    If your anxiety is significant enough that it requires medication to deal with it, you need advice from a medical professional, not an internet forum.
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    Although I agree with your statement, a doctor will not be able to describe the experience and results of taking such sort of medication. I am not looking for a prescription or advice, just whether or not someone has noticed improvement in their test scores after taking anxiety pills. I am sure my doctor will give them to me and offer her "advice" (reason to give her money), only because she is inept and just wants her money.
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    If you are in the US, and have been examined by a medical professional for these issues, you may be able to get accommodation from your college/university for them, via extra time for exams, etc. I suggest you find out about your college/university's policy on "academic accommodations". These are required by US federal law.
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    Definitely look into what Jtbell said. There is a person in my class that gets extra time in another room to take his exams (I believe double time).

    I don't know if this will work for you. But I started just bringing a little trinket in my pocket because I went through a spell where I was getting really hot and sweaty during tests, heh. Whenever I'd feel myself getting a bit jumpy I'd just kind of touch the outside of my pocket where it was, and take a few breaths. Seemed to help a bit. I seem to of gotten over these spells though.

    Never though about medication though. I used to take something before I would visit the dentist and it just never seemed to work for me. So I don't really go for drugs when I'm feeling anxious or nervous.
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    I use medication for test anxiety. Yes I noticed a significant difference in my test scores (Low C's to mid range B's and up). Not sure what you would like to know, but just ask.
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