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Any biostatisticians around?

  1. Jan 14, 2009 #1
    Hello physics forum! This is my first post here. I am currently enrolled in a biostats class and I don't know how this forum feels about offering help when someone is stuck, but I will probably be in that position soon! lol
    So are there any biostatisticians around? Hopefully I won't need to call on anyone for advice, but will be able to offer the helpful hints to others! I would honestly just be interested to see if there are any professional biostat pros around here just for fun!
    Until then...I'll just think positive thoughts...bring on the statistics! I think I'm most excited about chi-squares! They just sound pleasant...and if they aren't PLEASE don't tell me! lol
    *Create a good day*
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    Re: Biostatisticians?

    I'm thinking that the placement of this post might be wrong! Doh!!! sorryyy
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    Re: Biostatisticians?

    I've taken a, apparently, phd level course on survival analysis which was full of biostats post docs. Does that count? :)
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    Re: Biostatisticians?

    I would say that definitely counts! ;)
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    Re: Biostatisticians?

    This forum is very helpful so feel free to ask questions, not sure how specialized people are in biostats but we'll see. As long as you don't ask about gamma frailty models :)
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    Re: Biostatisticians?

    haha I don't see myself asking about "gamma frailty models" in the near future!
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