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Any good book on Advanced Laboratory physics?

  1. May 18, 2013 #1
    Hi guys,do you have any suggested book on Laboratory physics? I mean something beyond simple freshman experiments such as verify Newton's second law, but still keep general viewpoints, and focus on important experiments in modern physics,for example the S-G experiment of spin magnetic moment.
    I’m a student on theoretical physics,mainly study condensed matter physics,after many years study, I found my knowledge on experimental physics is still very poor,I have some classmate on experimental physics and I tried to ask them about this. But they are too technical ,and they learned up everything in their laboratory without any systematic training, they can't help too much.
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    Napolitano has a nice book on lab physics.
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    thanks, would you tell me the name of this book? I remember this guy is the author of 2nd edition of J.J Sakurai's Modern quantum mechanics, an experimental physics.
    Experiments in modern physics, 2nd ed is it this one?
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