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Any good guides/tutorials for laser use?

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    For my senior thesis I'll be spending some time in the laser lab, though I am not familiar with practical considerations of lasers. Does anyone have any good reads on equipment and procedures for experimental optics?

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    Can't really help. The only thing I remember from laser labs was the safety notice on the door: "don't look in the beam with the remaining eye". :redface:
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    The obvious place to start http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/laserhazards/

    What kinds of lasers will you be dealing with?
    The basic technique is to wear glasses, cover as much of the beam path as possible, make sure other people can't walk in and and think before you stick your head in front of something to see if it's working!

    With lasers powerful enough to burn you or start fires it gets trickier.
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