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Any method to find the tank size without knowing the dimensions?

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    hello.i need to add chlorine to an OVERHEAD water tank.for that i need to know the proper quantity of chlorine to be added.and for that i need to know the tank capacity.unfortunately i do not know the dimensions of the tank,neither i have drawing of it..BUT...a vertical inline pump sucks water from an underground tank and fills this OVERHEAD TANK..even the rated flow of this pump is unknown..how to CALCULATE the tank size?

    the water level in the OHT can be found out using a home mode wooden dip stick(graduated with level marks)
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    Without any numbers, you cannot calculate anything.
    I would try to measure the dimensions of the tank. If that is not possible, try to fill the empty tank with known volumes of water until it is full. If that is not possible, try to get the capacity of the underground tank and use the pump to transfer a known volume of water to the overhead tank.
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    thank you for your reply mfb..actually measuring the dimensions of the tank is difficult given the location where it is located..i do not even know what amount of water the pump transfers ACTUALLY.cause we do not always get the RATED flow right?...
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