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Any methods to connect 20W solar panel?

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    Hi all,
    I am planning to connect a 20W solar panel on my services bank (via a regulator). I have made a little diagram that hopefully will make things easier.
    As you can see, I have two separate banks, using a common negative. In the services bank I have a NASA BM1 battery monitor connected. So, to connect now the solar panel, I am correct that the negative goes to the right side of the shunt (as per diagram)?
    Also do I need to connect the positive to battery 2 or to either positive of the two domestic batteries? Do I need a fuse for the positive connection and if yes how much amp? What size (diameter) or type of cables do you recommend (the panel does not include anything)? As long as the diameter is fine, does it matter how long the cable to the solar panel is?
    http://www.solarmodulesystem.com/userfiles/image/largepic/20120206170902_7527500.jpg [Broken]
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    Hello JesseConant, and welcome to Physics Forums.

    I'm sorry, but I can't answer any of your questions, because I cannot find your diagram.
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    Hi OmCheeto,
    Thanks for your kind concern on my problem anyway, I am just awaiting if other experienced people who might help me connect
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    Your commercial link looked like spam, so I removed it. Post/upload the diagram you mention, or this thread will be deleted.
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