Anyone know of any good math scholarships or competitions?

  1. I'm trying to finance my way into college, and I'm having some trouble.

    Anyone know of any good math scholarships or competitions? (Or maybe have some general advice too :biggrin:)

    That'd be great. Thank you.
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  3. i would check your school or counselor and ask for some scholarship applications. the biggest piece of advice is always write very neatly and if possible, TYPEWRITE the application, which will let the scholarship committee know you are serious about the award.
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    Are you serious bjr_hyd15? They think that means you care more? Cool.

    Go for financial aid from teh government too :D They love giving money to "poor people". I say "poor" because you can fraud the crap out of the government like my friends do. Pff, $5000 a semester for a college that costs $1350 a semester.... my friend got a good payout there.
  5. I know that there is a scholarship for scoring well on the AIME and making the USAMO.
  6. Does anyone handwrite their applications these days? I would hope not.
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    Maybe it gives off the impression that your poor and need money lol.
  8. Moo, are you hoping to fund your studies at a specific school, or are you looking for financially attractive schools in general? If the latter, you should investigate merit money that various universities dole out, whether through their admissions offices or through specific colleges and programs (e.g. honors.) For instance, Bowling Green State University in Ohio gives full rides to National Merit finalists.
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