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Homework Help: AP test

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    hey everyone, its been a while since ive been on the board, i have my physics B ap test coming up in less then a month and i was just wondering if anyone has any advice.. i dont know how good i'll do, i love physics but my teacher was terrible. thanks
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    study hard bro!!!
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    Oh dear god your going ot fail unless you study like theres no tomorrow. And i say this because of the TERRIBLE TEACHER part. I had a terrible teacher for the B class and we all failed im pretty sure. All we did was shoot off rockets and sleep and the test came at us like a ton of bricks. We had people that the next year went off to Caltech and Berkeley and a few to MIT that i truely think didnt pass that test because the teacher didnt motivate us at all.
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    Peng: okay, I'd just like to comment that it is not the teacher's responsibility to motivate a class. It is his responsibility to facilitate learning, which he may have failed to do, but not provide your drive. If you are in an AP class and are not self-motivated, you are going to fail the test on your own merit.

    However, back to the subject. sarnis, I think you should try this... Go about the test as though your teacher just gave your the ability to take a cheat sheet into the test with you. Actually make a sheet of all the formulas you are most afraid will come up or that you are not sure of. Then, once that is made, study that sheet and make sure you can use any of them just from memory (what each symbol means, the units, the formula itself).

    The whole process of making the cumulative cheat sheet will get you thinking about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can address them for the test. Also, it usually doesn't take to long to deal with and makes the whole process a lot less intimidating. And of course, if any of those formulas give your problems, you will be able to come onto this board and get help with that specific question!
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    Oh yeah, and finally... Think positive. Studies show that if you expect to do well, you do much better than if you expect to fail. You rise to your own expectations, in a way.
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