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Apocalypse not

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    That's an interesting google with interesting reads

    But how to deal with all those people in the environment, who are dead sure about it. Not only the active prophets, but also maybe ones siblings and children are among the quiet or vocal believers. You can't just remove those from you life, because of the fundamental disagreement. I read that on 22 December none of the believers will be elated that we're still there, thankful to those who kept the world running. They'll invent just a new End-of-the-World-as-we-know-it.

    So what are the socialogical/psychological 'forces' behind that apocalypsm and what can we do about it?
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    Andre, which of those links did you wish to discuss?
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    Oh the idea is to figure out the best way how to discuss this with true believers, who you want to remain friends with. And that can be quite a challenge.

    So I'd like to encourage everybody to have a look at this and imagine how to convince your mum, kid, that it's all shear nonsense.

    More later. A lot more.
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    I wouldn't try to convince anybody. It's a waste of time. The beliefs are irrational and you can't argue with them. I gave up a long time ago since such arguments almost broke the family apart.
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    I know. Been there, done that. I was just looking for the right and most striking appeal to logic and sense.
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    Chi Meson

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    Well there's your problem!

    The phrase "Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is made up," is not a joke unfortunately. True believers (of anything) consider such a mindset to be virtue.
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    Couldn't agree more. So how many more millenia do we need to figure out that it's not?
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    You won't ever be able to convince everybody. There will always be crazies and wacko's. But a lot of people have figured it out. Scientists figured it out and advance boundaries every day. It's the best we can hope for.
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    There's a reason for what I said. :smile:
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    I've found that once someone believes they are on a holy mission, it's a waste of time trying to talk reason.
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    Take my sister in law please. Holidays are always fun with the doomsdayers. I offered her $300 cash for her house yesterday and she refused. She must be waiting for a higher offer.:uhh:
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    ... to learn,

    http://www.mytricitynews.com/images/mayan_cartoon.jpg [Broken]

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    Don't try to convince them, just stall them for four more weeks.
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    Still I believe there is a gradual scale between passionate preaching prophets with a holy mission, strong convinced believers, just believers because friends believe it and doubters who don't speak up preventing damage to their network. It's that social mechanism that I wanted to browse and understand.

    I once could convince somebody that there are no chemtrails. So all is not lost.
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    This interests me too. It is a difficult area to research, many will not you the truth. Actions quite often do not match professed beliefs. My thinking is that true believers are rare, but there is no way to tell by observation. I think you would find that most do not put their money where there mouth is.
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    It might be instructive to consider the case of Harold Camping and how he apparently dealt with the failure of his end-of-world prediction last year.
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    Thanks, that's interesting case. I think that also "Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience" of Richard Landes is worth a try.

    This part of the description caught my eye:

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    According to wiki, Maya scholars deny that there is any evidence for the end-of-the-world claim, on the contrary

    Obviously the apocalypse is a modern invention based on 'misinformation'.
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    Apocalypse is deeply rooted in the monotheist trail of cultures... Literally, it means revelation. While it is prophetism about the destiny of the community that prevailed in judaism, there's some sort of emphasis on the end of the world as a whole in the christian path : early christians thought that the end was imminent and this vue thrived till the european renaissance... Islam doesn't give a damn : believers can wait until god decides, as muhammad closed the doors of prophecy...
    From time to time, there's a kind of resurgence of this archetypal myth which has less to do with mayas than with christianism : syncretism is at work here. But nowadays almost no one really believes it, the normal fraction of crackpots and morons excepted.
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