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App for taking voice notes and To-Do list items?

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    I'd like to find a smatphone App for taking quick voice notes for To-Do lists. I have the App ColorNote on my phone right now, but it's awkward to use for taking notes and To-Do lists, and it doesn't seem to have a voice interface.

    What I'd like to be able to do is use a quick click on my phone when I remember something that I want to do, and use voice entry to get it into my phone. Then later when I have time, I'd like to be able to drag and drop that note into whichever list applies. I usually have about 10 To-Do lists for work and 6-10 To-Do lists for personal tasks going at once.

    I lose way too many tasks before I can write them down on a Post-It Note, and I'd like to be able to use my phone to help me fix this. Any good Apps that you know? Thanks.
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    Notability can do this. It ties the voice recording to what you scribble on the tablet. As you're listening you could just draw a line for an action item and then after the talk go back tap the line to hear what was said and then fill in the space after the line with more textual information.

    This assumes you have an iPhone or iPad.

    I'm sure Android and/or Samsung must have something similar for their phone platform. It seems that Evernote has this feature. Here are some others


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    I should have said -- I just have an Android phone for this ATM...
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    Check out EVERNOTE. I'm not sure it does all you want, it's been awhile since I played with it, but I think so.
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