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Applied shear stress between plates

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    Hi :), I need to calculate the shear stress applied between 2 plates and I dont remember how to take the thickness of the plates into account, --So basically I will be grateful if somebody could write the equillibrium for shearing stress between 2 plates (1 plate is applying force on the other plate(2) and causing shear stress between plate number 2 and what it's attached to).
    Apart from that, I wish to improve my english so if i have any mistakes with what i wrote please correct me.
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    The shear strain is equal to the relative displacement of the plates divided by the thickness of the sample. Is this enough to get you what you want? Do you know how the shear stress is related to the shear strain?

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    The relative displacement is the velocity with relation to both plates, Or do you mean the change in the material?, Because i know that the strain is all about the change in the material.Can you please put more details into that because I think im missing alot here.
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    Are we talking about a solid or a Newtonian fluid?

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    If it's a solid, what does velocity have to do with the equilibrium relative displacement?

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    I asked what do you mean by the relative displacement?
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    It is the distance that one plate moves sideways relative to the other plate.
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