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Approximate amount of force to turn a miniture electric motor

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    Ok I have a small electric water pump I plan on turning into a hydro generator. The motors max operating range is 14v and 1.2 amps. All of my calculations are going to based off of this. If we run the quick math we come up with approx 8.5 watts. which is about .01 Horsepower. So if 1 hp is 550ft pounds to move, then .01 would be approx 5.5ft pounds. So in theory if I applied 6 pounds of force it would turn the motor? Or is there some part of this formula I'm missing?

    Of course I think I'm way off base here, I'm new to trying to understand why the things I work on work, but would like to understand them better. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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