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Homework Help: Approximating Area And Volume

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    I am given a table of values to calculate the volume of water in a lake.

    X(m) 0 50 100 150 200 250 300
    Y(m) 10.2 39.1 56.9 43.2 28.5 17.7 9.8

    Where X is intervals across the lake
    Where Y is depth of the lake in meters

    The aim is to work out the volume using a range of different methods, including;

    Upper and lower rectangles
    Trapezium Method
    Simpson's Method

    I understand how to calculate the area under the curve, however i am not sure how to use the values calculated for area to determine the volume of the lake

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    I'm not sure either. Are you given any information about the z direction? You can't calculate volume if you only have information about 2 of the 3 dimensions.
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    no z direction, nothing, that is what has me confused
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