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  1. lisab

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    I just talked to my sister-in-law in Texas. Her son took an aptitude test recently...his top two jobs (I swear, I couldn't make this up!):

    1. Magician,
    2. Feng shui designer.

    I told this to my daughter, for a laugh. She said, "OMG (she is 15, after all)! I think we took the same test last year. I got:

    1. Garbage collector,
    2. Vending machine installer!"

    Anyone else familiar with these bizarre aptitude tests?
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  3. LOL I thought those only existed as plot-devices in cheesy TV shows.

    I'd love to take one. I can see my results now:

    1. International secret agent who single-handedly thwarts evil for the good of man-kind.
    2. Fat nerd.
  4. I took one called the KISS, but it told me what I already knew, that I wanna be a scientist.
  5. G01

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    I can't believe there are people that take these things seriously. How could one test, ONE TEST, determine whether you are fit to do something. A person is defined not only by their natural ability to do math, english, science, etc. but also by there work ethic, drive, and passion. How can one test take into account those aspects?

    I thought we were beyond this as a society, seriously! Anyway, I better get back to studying for the GRE...
  6. wolram

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    Mine was, man who works for big headed mouthy butler in bygone days or unlucky king.
  7. The mere fact that this test has ‘Feng shui designer’ listed as a profession makes me think it might be more on the fortune telling side of things rather than something that actually determines someone's aptitudes. What kind of questions would the test have asked your nephew to determine that he has a sensitivity to the harmonious flow of chi?
  8. mgb_phys

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    A) Can you keep a straight face while ripping people off Y/N
    B) Do you want to spend years at law school learning how to do (A) Y/N
  9. Moonbear

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    OMG!! They still have those things? When I was in high school, the guidance counselors made us all take one of those tests to help us identify future careers. We all had a great laugh about them...yeah, our results were about like those you gave and about as accurate. I don't know where they got those tests from or why they thought we needed to use them. They seem to be geared to the completely clueless kid who doesn't want to admit they're going to choose a "career" after high school by throwing darts at the want ads.
  10. lisab

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    HA :rofl:
  11. gazes into crystal ball❊ I see… a tall, dark stranger in your future. No! Many tall dark strangers. And they are chasing you. With torches and pitchforks.
  12. Ben Niehoff

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    I remember taking something like this in high school. I remember one of my results was "mime".

    Oddly enough, most of my friends were also destined to be mimes.
  13. I was told told I would make a good theoretical philosopher. I don't even know what a philosopher does and do they even get paid for doing it?
  14. I'm sure your daughter is a wonderful child, but I'm wondering how many questions she could have gotten right to end up in the garbage collector category. I think you only have to get your name right to be bumped into the fast food industry category.
  15. G01

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    My question for the people who told you this would be, not "What does a theoretical philosopher do?" but instead......"What does an experimental philosopher do?!"
  16. mgb_phys

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    Presumably spends all their time answering the question "What does a theoretical philosopher do?"
  17. G01

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    I still think the question of what an experimental philosopher does is much more important. Have you ever seen an experiment confirming a philosophical theory??

    Seriously, what do they do?:rolleyes:
  18. Theoretical philosopher= master of the art of bullsh!it, required training includes getting a BS. Experimental philosopher sounds like the professional name for the lysergic acid and psyoclibin tester.
  19. oh my gosh, they were right.
  20. mgb_phys

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    If you read Terry Pratchett you would know - picture Xeno's axiom testing centre with lots of tortoises with arrows through them, which logically they should have been able to outrun.
  21. Who is they and what were "they" right about?
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