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Are quarks really in isocoles triangle positions?

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    I have not had any luck in finding out how much is known about the actual positions of quarks in protons and neutrons.

    I am confused by the brief snippets of information I have managed to find. First by the fact that an electron is fired at a nucleon and that its path can reveal the prescence of 3 quarks - can they really hold this object perfectly still to fire dozens of electrons at it to deduce this???!

    I have a model for a proton attached here.

    Is there experimental evidence to suggest the relative positioning of the quarks is incorrect? Are there some basic level links for this anywhere?


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    they are not positioned, they are "orbiting"(cloud) in the same way as the electron in the atom (i.e. electron cloud -> Quark cloud)

    and one has not found 3 quark, one finds quark densities, anti quark densities and gluon densities, consistent with 3 "valence" quarks which are responsible for the overall quantum numbers.
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