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Are there any books about the history of reactor physics?

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    is there any book about a history of reactor physics ?
    Thank you for your help
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    There are some historical books on nuclear energy and reactor technology, but I don't believe there is such a book on the discipline of reactor physics. One might be able to get a general idea from old and new textbooks regarding the development of transport theory and diffusion theory.

    An early book of the subject of nuclear energy is Samuel Glasstone's Sourcebook on Atomic Energy, D. Van Nostrand Co., 1950, 1958.

    Glasstone authored and co-authored books on reactor technology and reactor physics, e.g.,
    Samuel Glasstone and Alexander Sesonske, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, D. Van Nostrand Co., 1955, 1963.
    George I. Bell, Samuel Glasstone, Nuclear Reactor Theory, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, Litton Educational Publishing, Inc, 1970

    Most of the codes and methods in reactor physics are proprietary (trade secret), and the development is not published. Some results might be published, but the details are limited, particularly with respect to the equations and solution methods. The methods require a lattice code for developing a model for each assembly, and then a core simulation code, which solves for the reactor power distribution, coolant conditions (some of which is input), fuel system and coolant temperature, and fuel depletion (with fission product and transuranic generation). Modern day codes are much more sophisticated than early codes due to profound developments in microprocessor technology and memory capacity.
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