What is Reactor physics: Definition and 25 Discussions

A nuclear reactor, formerly known as an atomic pile, is a device used to initiate and control a fission nuclear chain reaction or nuclear fusion reactions. Nuclear reactors are used at nuclear power plants for electricity generation and in nuclear marine propulsion. Heat from nuclear fission is passed to a working fluid (water or gas), which in turn runs through steam turbines. These either drive a ship's propellers or turn electrical generators' shafts. Nuclear generated steam in principle can be used for industrial process heat or for district heating. Some reactors are used to produce isotopes for medical and industrial use, or for production of weapons-grade plutonium. As of early 2019, the IAEA reports there are 454 nuclear power reactors and 226 nuclear research reactors in operation around the world.

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  1. emilmammadzada

    Design error in reactor nuclear simulation in serpent code

    Dear experts, I would like to get help from you on something. I want to design a vver -1200 core in the serpent nuclear code, but I am getting errors in the geometry I defined below. I would like to get help from you on how to fix these errors.I seem to be getting errors in cell definitions and...
  2. O

    What actually happens to the U-238 part of fuel in a nuclear reactor?

    So I'm aware that uranium 235 is the fissile isotope which is used in fuel for most reactors (about 3% of all uranium fuel for example), but what actually happens to the other 97% of the U-238 if it doesn't undergo fission? I get some of it absorbs neutrons making it U-239? But I've also seen...
  3. R

    Anyone know a reactor physics book better than Duderstadt and Hamilton?

    I really like the book for how much it covers. There's not a single topic that's missed that is relevant to nuclear reactor design/analysis. Often other books can miss a topic or two. It's just that the style is not to the point and often time is wasted talking about things that are irrelevant...
  4. Marasmusine

    How Do HEU and LEU Reactors Differ in Performance and Cost?

    Summary:: How do high-enriched uranium reactors compare with low-enriched uranium reactors? Hello, I'm doing some research for a book, and there's some information about fission reactors I just can't find. I am comparing HEU fission reactors with LEU fission reactors ... even ballpark figures...
  5. Syed Alam

    Pin-by-pin core simulations without spatial homogenization

    How can we achieve "higher-resolution" 3D pin-by-pin core simulators "without spatial homogenization" for the nuclear reactor core (PWR/BWR) calculations? In regards to this question, is it okay to perform "pin-by-pin fine-mesh core calculation" and/or "cell-heterogeneous detailed transport...
  6. Syed Alam

    Career in "Reactor Physics and Core Design"

    Dear all, I have completed my MSc and PhD in Nuclear Engineering (Reactor Physics and Core Design) from a UK university. I am currently working at a National Lab in France. Can you please suggest/recommend me a site where I can find the most suitable jobs related to Nuclear...
  7. Nafis Fuad

    B Can you please tell me the origin of this formula?

    I found this formula when I was studying neutron diffusion equation in Weston M. Stacey's book Thanks in advance cosβ=cosθx cosθ+sinθx sinθ cos(ψy−ψ) Edited by moderator for clarity: ##\cos(\beta) = \cos(\theta_x)\cos(\theta) + \sin(\theta_x)\sin(\theta)\cos(\psi y - \psi)##
  8. Nafis Fuad

    Guidelines so that I can get started with Reactor physics?

    I have completed Calculus 1,2,3. I haven't yet completed differential equations.What other courses do I have to take to get started? I know that there are difficult topics in reactor physics like neutron transport equation.So,it would be really helpful if you can give some guidelines so that I...
  9. G

    Are there any books about how to teach nuclear reactor physics?

    Hello ,every one . I am a reactor physics teacher . I want to find some books or papers about how to teaching reactor physics. if you know it ,please tell me. Thank you very much.
  10. Kirk Truax

    What is the macroscopic cross section for natural uranium to thermal neutrons?

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know the value of ν∑f for natural uranium? Here ν is the average number of neutron released from fission and ∑f is the macroscopic fission cross section of uranium. Kirk
  11. P

    How to Handle WIMS Reactor Physics Codes for Radial Neutron Flux Analysis?

    Hello hope someone can help me I need to do WIMS reactor physics codes analysis for 1) divide fuel pin into radial equal-volume sub regions 2) preform criticality calculations to obtain radial fast and thermal neutron flux (use 0.615eV energy cut off between fast and thermal regions) I will...
  12. T

    MCNP Delayed Neutron Fractions and Neutron Generation Time

    Hello, I've heard that MCNP outputs delayed neutron fractions (beta) and neutron generation times (Lambda). Any ideas as to where in the output file it writes these? I've coppied and pasted the Godiva reactor code and run it, but I can't seem to find it in there. Best Regards, -TP
  13. G

    Are there any books about the history of reactor physics?

    Hello,everyone is there any book about a history of reactor physics ? Thank you for your help
  14. L

    What are the current research topics in nuclear physics in South Africa?

    Hi All Members I've been lurking through the forum threads (as a guest) and I really enjoy the depth of discussions that arise, even to the most basic of questions. I'm a Physicist from South Africa, 1st degree was Chem Eng, post grad was/is Physics. Been working in the nuclear industry for 5...
  15. D

    A How to calculate the threshold energy of (n,n') reactions?

    Let us take the example of 89Y(n,n')89mY reaction. In the calculation of Q value we require mass of reactants and products. Both are same here. Then how to calculate the Q value of this reaction or how to calculate the threshold energy of this type of reactions?
  16. Astronuc

    Computational Methods for Reactor Physics (Core Simulation)

    The question of neutronics or reactor physics methods has come up at various times and with respect to different aspects. I thought it would be worthwhile to explore various methods, the technology and their applications. Broadly, reactor physics calculations involve solving equations related...
  17. Hercuflea

    What exactly do you study in reactor physics?

    Hey I am a math major looking to do an REU (and later a masters/PhD.) in nuclear engineering and I am interested in the field of reactor physics. I hear it tossed around a lot but I don't really know the definition of it. I'm taking a radiation physics class next semester at a separate...
  18. S

    Introduction of nuclear reactor physics summer 2012

    Hello I am looking to introduction of nuclear reactor physics course in the summer 2012 can u help me to find this course in any universities ?
  19. C

    Nobody can solve my Nuclear Reactor Physics Question? me

    nobody can solve my Nuclear Reactor Physics Question? please help me! In the centre of the core of a 1000 MWe BWR, the observed fission rate is 1.7×1012 cm-3 s-1 and the observed temperature of the fuel is 800 oC. What will be the fission rate at the same location if the temperature is raised...
  20. C

    Nuclear Reactor Physics Qestions me

    Why don't you answer my Nuclear Reactor Physics Qestions? ...Please Help me [/B]1 ) Dry air at normal temperature and pressure has a mass density of 0.0012 g/cm3 with a mass fraction of oxygen of 0.23. What is the atom density of 18O? 2) In the centre of the core of a 1000 MWe BWR, the...
  21. K

    What to expect in a Reactor physics and engineering class

    Hi My school started a nuclear engineering concentration in the ME/CHE department for the spring and I just wanted to know what are the topics covered typically in a reactor course and what stuff should I brush up on to be sharp for the class? Thanks in advance.
  22. P

    Mathematical problem from the course of reactor physics

    Hello everybody, This problem is from "Elementary Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics" by Liverhant, I will be thankful for any help,because I'm really stuck on it :( ------------------------ (6-11)Calculate the smallest value of A for which the maximum fractional energy loss can be...
  23. M

    Nuclear reactor physics text recommendation

    Hi folks, can anyone suggest a good and current reference text on nuclear reactor theory and physics? I'm a theorist, so mathematically sophisticated presentation is welcome. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  24. V

    Nuclear reactor physics by Weston Stacey

    "nuclear reactor physics" by Weston Stacey I just bought it and started reading it. Anybody know the book ? Opinions, remarks ? I might have a few questions when reading it, are some people prepared to discuss it ? As a first question, actually, on the cross section plots, there's always...
  25. V

    Reactor Physics Study: Coding Tips

    Do you know any code for reactor physics study ?