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Are there any programs I can use to simulate a sinwave?

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    Like what would be generated by an oscilloscope?

    I only have a basic ac circuit with a resistor and capacitor

    Thanks in advance

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    If all you want to do is generate a sine wave, just use Excel. Do you have access to Excel?

    What are your goals for your simulation?

    The more specific you can be the better the help that you will recieve.

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    I just need to take a screen shot of the sine wave that would have been produced when i conducted an experiment using an oscilloscope to show the phase angle and i dont have a copy of the one that i used.
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    You don't get a sine wave from a resistor and a capacitor....
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    Try LTSpice IV. See attachment.
    Bob S

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    Use Mathematica to plot a sine wave. It has a very simple syntax and short learning curve. Alternatively use a graphic calculator or any plotter software available online for free.

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