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Armchair cosmology

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    I thought this was pretty interesting:

    Title: Virtual Observatory: From Concept to Implementation
    Authors: S.G. Djorgovski, R. Williams

    Is this the beginning of an era of armchair cosmology?
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    At our school's astro dept we just hired a new prof whose skills were best summed up as a "data miner" who went through SEDS data and prettied it up, noticed what was interesting, etc. Never plans to actually apply for telescope time herself. Astronomy is changing for certain.
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    "Armchair astronomy" has been around for some time now - with both the 'raw' and 'processed' data from so many top observatories in the public domain, anyone with a broadband internet connection, a half-way decent PC, the appropriate software, and time and interest, has been able to do research that only a few decades ago many professional astronomers would have killed for!

    The 'virtual observatory' initiatives just make the combining of datasets from different observatories, instruments, bands, epochs, etc a whole lot easier. Long live data miners! :smile:
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