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Array of underwater transducers for sound massage

  1. Sep 26, 2011 #1

    since a while my mind is caught by an idea. This idea is concerned with underwater sound massage system.

    For this purpose i would like to build an array of underwater sound transducers, which can all be steered individually (to do a coarse beam forming).

    However, since i am not an engineer it is difficult for me to evaluate which transducers are appropriate for the application i have in mind and would be very greatful if someone here could comment on my guesses:

    I need a broadband transducer that is capable to produce sound waves in a very broad range (200 Hz - 30khz) and with sound intensity around 60 db. It may be also possible to use different transducers for low and high frequencies. However, in order to do beamforming at a frequency of 30kHz the distance of the transducers must be around 5 cm. thus the transducer sizes must be quite small. (the most appropriate transducers i found were from the company benthowave, can anyone comment on this)

    I would be very greatful if anyone could comment on the spezifications i have in mind.

    best regards,

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