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As strong as cast iron but lighter?

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    Good Evening, all...

    Trying to find a metal for casting that has a density slightly lighter than iron (.28 lbs per
    cubic inch). I'm looking for a material that is as strong as cast iron, but, reduces the weight of the cast item by 10%. Secondly, the cost and availability should be approximately equal to cast iron. I have had a recommendation to use ZA12, but, not finding many companies casting this alloy. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. If you recommend a metal, could you also identify any company casting it. Thanks
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    Fe has a density of 7874 kg/m3. So 10% less would be about 7100 kg/m3. Zn has a density of about 7140 kg/m3, but it may not be as strong as iron.

    On the other side would be Cr with a density 7140 kg/m3, and this could be alloyed with Fe, Ni, Mo, V. Cr-Mo alloys exist but the Mo has a density of ~10280 kg/m3, but this could be offset with additions of V(dens = 6110 kg/m3).

    Steels can be cast also. Cast iron is relatively high carbon iron and is therefore can be brittle.
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