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Astronaut Ed Mitchell's cosmic awakening

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.palmbeachpost.com/localnews/content/auto/epaper/editions/sunday/local_news_04525c18064c018f10a0.html [Broken]

    Dr. Mitchell's web site:
    http://www.nidsci.org [Broken]
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    http://www.palmbeachpost.com/localnews/content/news/feeds/edgar_mitchell.html [Broken]

    A government cover-up of UFOs: "That's putting it mildly. We've been lied to and covered up. It was a military rationale 50 years ago. Now it's a bureaucratic morass. I doubt if higher-ups even know what the right answers are." Why a cover up at the beginning? "It would rattle our foundations."

    Area 51, the secret military base in Nevada where scientists study crashed alien spacecraft and their crews: Was briefed, even recently, by "old timers" who were there, "but I can't say by whom." The Roswell Incident, in which aliens, some alive, were recovered after a July 1947 crash: "It was valid. I've been briefed."

    Whether aliens have visited earth: Has no first-hand experience but is convinced. Hostile? "Not that I'm aware." People who claim they were abducted by aliens? "Something has happened to them. The jury's still out about what happened." Can't dismiss one theory that aliens are collecting terrestrial DNA for research.

    Erich von Däniken, whose many books theorize early Biblical passages and folk stories actually described visits by aliens: "It's pretty far out. There may be a kernel of truth." Was mankind genetically engineered by other civilizations or originally immigrants from another planet? "I have not seen validation for that."

    Jim Oberg writes off Cooper and ED as 'loony-toons'....and that's a true skeptic for you.

    who are the guys who "briefed" Mitchell?
    ""but I can't say by whom.""

    Nobody on Capital Hill willing to hear their stories??Can't get a Congressional Hearing granting 'immunity' from their 'military oaths'.....so the story goes

    Why are "they" afriad to talk out in the open?
    All together now,1,2,3, go!

    It drives me crazy!!!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    He must include Barry Goldwater, Buzz Aldrin and other retired astronauts, and a large number of high ranking military or government officials as well. It seems that the more likely someone is to have information in this respect, the loonier they must be.
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