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Attachments for messages

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    In this 'posts' editor there is an option to attach files and then 'insert image' as I am doing here. But you don't have that option in the 'messages' editor. Could it be included or is there a reason to avoid attachments in messages ?

    PS: Good luck solving the 'example' graphic below!


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    I solved it in about 20 seconds, not sure if I was over or under. What seems bizarre to me is that there are admissions tests for first graders. Is it perhaps even worse, a test for preschoolers to get into first grade? Are they even expected to be able to read? Are they expected to read the instructions in 3 seconds and then use 17 seconds to solve the problem?
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    < 5 seconds
    probably because I read too many mangas and kanji automatically has me reading right to left...
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    What do you mean "messages"? Like a private message?
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    You are correct, we do not allow attachments in private messages, my guess is it would cause too much of a load on the server, or it may simply not be an option of the forum software. I always upload pictures to a host and send the link.
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    30 +/- 10 seconds

    My guess is that I suffer more from vertical, rather than horizontal dyslexia, as I didn't start studying Parsi until about 5 years ago.

    Though my penchant for IQ puzzles probably consumed the first 39 seconds. :wink:
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    In keeping with my evil image of being a hunched back troll that just randomly goes around closing threads to be spiteful, thread closed. The OP's question has been answered and this is Feedback. (crawls back under her rock)

    If someone wants to post this in Brain Teasers, they can.
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    < 5 seconds for me. You just have to be able to read numbers that are written upside down...
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