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Attachments: Member login req'd to view

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    I spoke with ZapperZ and Borek earlier today, wanting to share the "It's Good to be Back!" contest results with family in Grand Rapids area. My photo of Browser was added as attachment after PF4 migration. It will not display at all unless logged in as a member (just the 'X' in-a-box):

    Borek didn't think it could be changed, but he also wasn't aware of the display requiring member login.

    I told ZZ and Borek no big deal - I could send pic to family, but later I began to wonder if this affected all attachments. So I started searching as a lurker. o_O The first attachments I found are in a thread create since PF4 migration, here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/condition-for-a-table-to-flip.773529/

    The OP included attachments in posts #1 and #4. These figures display as thumbnails in the lower attachments area - trying to open them to view results in a page requiring the user to login to complete the action.
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    The attachment system needs to access usergroup permissions which requires a login. Image bbcode using attachment URLs are problematic.
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    Gotcha'. Could a short warning be added to the Attachment dialog about the restriction? Is that even a good idea?
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