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Average GPA for Engineering Freshman in College?

  1. Apr 17, 2012 #1
    Hey, I attend Georgia Tech and I am completing my freshman year here. I am probably going to end up with a 3.1 - 3.3 GPA this year. I was wondering whether this is poor, average, or good. Keep in mind that my major is Electrical Engineering which is considered to be one of the hardest majors at Georgia Tech. I just hope I don't ruin any potential Co-Op or internship opportunities later on because my GPA is bad. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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    We have no way of knowing what the average GPA is at Georgia Tech. Why would it even matter, anyways? Your goal is to get the highest grades possible. It doesn't look like you're even close to meeting that goal.
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    Here's a heuristic for engineering majors, generalized for all colleges on 4.0 grading scale:

    2.0< GPA <3.0 is not competitive for graduate school, but you'll graduate (Cs get degrees!) and will still likely find work*
    >3.0 is good prospects for graduate school*, competitive for industry*
    >3.5 is excellent prospects for graduate school*, highly competitive for industry*
    >3.8 is superlative prospects for any career goal* (law/med school anyone?)

    *assuming good fit with interests, personality, and project/research experiences - Essentially, grades are only one part of the picture.
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    What's The Good Word?!

    A 3.1 is VERY GOOD. This is good enough for Dean's List! Of course, it would be better for it to be higher, but that is true of any GPA less than 4.0. Also, I think it takes a 3.55 to graduate with Highest Honor, (I think a 3.15 is With Honor) so this might be a goal of yours. I don't think it will hurt your co-op chances at all, and I think future employers will much rather see a 3.1 GPA and co-op than a 4.0 GPA with no co-op. Indeed, my dad's boss has said he doesn't even consider Tech majors who don't have co-op experience.
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    I think somewhere on this page: http://factbook.gatech.edu/ you can find GPA information.
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    To Hell with Georgia! lol
    Thanks for the help, yeah I am definitely going to Co-Op. And thanks for that link, can't believe i've never seen it!
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    I think the correct quote is "How 'bout them Dawgs, piss on 'em". At least that was the line a few decades ago when I was at Tech.

    I don't know if it's still the same, but a few decades ago, when I completed graduate school, the Chancellor stood before the combined undergraduate and graduate class and said something like "I'm proud of the number of 'C' students we graduate because it shows we have a hard program." As you could image, the moans went through the graduating classes and parents chuckled. In those days GT used Differential Equations as the "weed out" course. If you've made it that far, you are fine. I wouldn’t be concerned about your GPA, as it seems fine. Tech has never been a walk in the park when it came to grades.

    Certainly, if you stay at tech, you are fine with that GPA for graduate school, which I would strongly recommend. The last time I went to Tech, I couldn’t find a darn thing. The Neely Research Reactor was gone, the School of Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics was gone, and so many new buildings. Enjoy your time there. I loved school..... I just didn't know it at the time :smile:
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