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AVR fault possible? Can you help?

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    AVR fault possible?? Can you help?

    Hi there and hello to ALL,

    First post and greatfull for any help.

    I've got an alternator suffreing voltage problems. To start with the voltage droped off to 360v when carring a small load of 17kw. New avr fitted and now running at 400v correctly.
    The alternator is rated for 1MW.
    Now when a small load of 50kw is applied via a load bank the voltage drops dramatically (not hunting).
    We've checked the exciter (diodes, surge suppressors) and all is well and all connections to and from the avr are ok. We've run the thing solely on the avr, disconnecting a var. comp. and the pf correction unit yet we are still experiencing a drop in voltage.

    Does anyone have any idea, please?
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    Re: AVR fault possible?? Can you help?

    Has the voltage roll-off point been set at all? Have you tried adjusting it?
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