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Bad conducter of electricitey for metals

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    people say metels conduct electricety but if thats true how cum metal pilons dont zap people when grounded. also i have a trick stapler that zaps people how cum its not very painfull
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    There needs to be a power source and somewhere for the electricity to go. When you pick up a stapler and it zaps you, that's static electricity generated by your feet, conducted through your body to the stapler. There just isn't much energy there. And I'm not sure what "metal pilons" you are talking about.
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    Metals do conduct electricity - that should be obvious since we use copper wire and other metals to do it. Power pylons are insulated from the power carrying cables by ceramic insulators.
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    so is there any metals that are poor conductors of electricetey
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    You have to define "poor". Conductivity varies greatly, but they still conduct. And, of course, there are the semiconductors.
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