Banana like fruit?

  1. What are some fruits like bananas? Especially its softness qualities.
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  3. Bananas, for one.
  4. lisab

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    I bought a plantain once, out of curiosity. I found a recipe (you have to cook them). I'm not a picky eater but I found it close to terrible. Probably, if I had one prepared by someone who knew what they were doing, it wouldn't be so bad.

    How about a very ripe mango? They're pretty soft. Or a ripe pear.
  5. They're all really juicy, though, even when soft (probably even juicier when softer).
  6. Evo

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    Just softness?? Pears, apricots, peaches, plums, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries...
  7. Does anyone try inserting a banana into strawberry syrup mixed with milk and then inserting it again into chocolate ?
    So yummy! :-D,
    I have never eaten banana like that before.
  8. fluidistic

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    I used to cook (in fact fry) plantains that I cut in a few parts. This is the way an African woman taught me to do them. I find them excellent. (Once I've tried to do the same with common bananas and the result was a disaster).
  9. lisab

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    Yes, that was how I did it - cut it into sections, fry in butter, and then sprinkle a bit of brown sugar on them.

    But the fruit was a strange mealy texture, and the taste was....chalky is the best way to describe it. I probably chose a bad plantain, since I don't know what the criteria are for them.
  10. LowlyPion

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    Plantain recipes:

    The amarillos (yellow) ones - ripe - you would make for dessert. Pretty much how you would do bananas for Foster but they are firmer. I bought a yellow by mistake once. I didn't like it as much as banana.

    Never thought to do the green ones with garlic however. I think I will pass on that.
  11. Math Is Hard

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  12. you can cigar roll some mashed potatoes --soft and off white like bananas
  13. Ben Niehoff

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    Most plantains sold in the supermarket are green. If you want to make a dessert out of them, you have to let them ripen. They will turn yellow just like a regular banana, but for ideal ripeness, you want to let them start to turn black. Usually you have to wait about a week or so (sometimes two!).

    Ripe plantains taste delicious...they have a unique, mellow, sweet flavor. Fry them in butter and get them to caramelize a bit. No brown sugar needed.

    Unripe plantains are typically used like potatoes: you can bake them in the peel, or you can cut them thin and fry them to make chips. Add salt, butter, garlic, whatever.
  14. lisab

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    OK then...even though it was a long time ago, I think it was green with yellow and black spots. Must have not been ripe yet.

    Thanks Ben!
  15. softness was important because I plan to put it on toast.
  16. Moonbear

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    They don't taste like bananas, they are more like potato. Tostones are them like french fries as a side dish or snack. :biggrin:

    To make them, you first have to boil the plaintain pieces in salted water to make them soft, then smoosh them to make rounds, then deep fry them. A little salt and YUMMMMMMY! You can also press them into a little bowl shape and stuff with your favorite filling...i.e., seafood salad (my favorite filling).
  17. fluidistic

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    Exactly! I forgot to say it, but even if it is yellow, it is not as tasty, as sweet as when it is almost all black. There is a big difference, and that may be why inexperienced people don't like plantains.
  18. I grew up on plantains, so I recommend you only cook "ripe" plantains! Now, a personal favorite is "green bananas", yes green (not ripe) bananas -- not plantains. Prepare as if you were cooking mash potatoes. I think I am going on a trip this August!!!
  19. lisab

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    So if you're making tostones, and you think they're done but you're not you try one to see how it is, is that the test tostone :tongue2: ?
  20. eggs
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