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Band structure and fermi liquid

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    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to ask if in your opinion is it right to say that band structure calculations (and hartree fock calculations) could live in a framework of the fermi liquid theory where quasiparticles are one-electron states (which could be or not could be the case)....
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    Hi tirrel,

    As the Hartree-Fock method is a method for the determination of the ground-state wave function and ground-state energy of a quantum many-body system, basically it is suitable for calculating the ground-state wave-function of a Fermi-liquid.

    Take a look at this article: http://www.physics.utoronto.ca/~qocmp/PRB34515.pdf" [Broken]. They show a Hartree-Fock-BCS method for the electron-liquid.
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