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Relation between electronic band structure and Fermi energy

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    I have some qualitative questions about the relation between band structure, density of states, and Fermi energy (or Fermi level).

    1) Say you have a given electronic band structure (energy as a function of k) obtained by any method. How do you relate this to the Fermi energy (or Fermi level) ?

    2) I assume something with density of states is involved (is it?). If it is, what is the relation between density of states, electronic dispersion, and Fermi energy (or level)?
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    From a band structrure calculation you also get the DOS as a function of energy. If the electronic density is n, then ##\int_{-\infty}^E DOS(E')dE'=n## fixes the Fermi level E. The DOS is proportional to the inverse slope of E vs k, i.e. dispersion.
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