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Barbor's brief survey of the state of String Theory

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    Barbon's brief survey of the state of String Theory

    J.L.F. Barbon
    Department of Physics, Theory Division, CERN Geneva

    "This is a rendering of a review talk on the state of String Theory, given at
    the EPS-2003 Conference, intended for a wide audience of experimental and theoretical physicists. It emphasizes general ideas rather than technical aspects."

    Remarkably concise for a survey paper, only 12 pages and 46 references.
    Focuses on the most salient current problems and results. General not-too-technical style. May provide a useful largescale map to the subject. Might be worth discussing. How good a review is it, if someone has the knowledge to make such an assessment? Is there an important part of the picture that Barbon left out?

    http://arxiv.org./hep-th/0404188 [Broken]
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    It does seem a very good intro. I have been working on his section 1, and the only mystery I need cleared up is The BPS phenomenon. A lot of his development is conditioned on BPS states and he doesn't motivate them very well. Can anyone help?
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